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I am an experienced audiovisual generalist looking for a programmer as collaboration partner for a serious manageable project.

Project Name: will be disclosed later

Role Required: experienced Unity programmer specialized in writing pseudo physics based character controller, that goes into quite a bit of detail. The items that are supposed to play all the games that you are used to from good arcade games will also be tricky.
Furthermore, it is either a split-screen solution or a dynamic camera solution via Cinemachine, which summarizes the whole event, since it is a local party game. I wouldn't put online multiplayer on the scales for now. That would only complicate everything.
Otherwise, the rest amounts to the usual suspects like UI via NGUI, controller support via REWIRED plugin. There could be some small tweaks to the UI for more movement. In the case of a split-screen solution, different UI's will operate separately from each other. The goal is to create a local 4 player party brawler that works on the smallest platforms.

My Role: As a 3D generalist with 35 years of experience and a lot of business and PR knowledge I would provide everything from: GFX, UI, FX, SFX, BGM, to planning & structuring via documentation and diagrams to the final needs for the company that will carry our work. I am also specialized in super tuning to keep a low profile regarding performance. As a technical assistant, I can help with solutions when it comes to solving things. For more see my portfolio:

My Previous Projects: will be disclosed later

Team Size: you and me

Project Length: 6 - 10 months, up to how fast you are.

Compensation: Revenue Share is 40% and 40% of the IP

Responsibilities: structured programming, rewriting code if necessary and deployment

Requirements: skilled, stamina, time, nerves and the ability to work hard for our common success!

Project Description: It's about a Mech-Brawler-Party-Game with some fine extras. Goal is to release it 1st on Steam, then Xbox and PS5 and later on Nintendo Switch. I carry the costs of plugins, Plastic SCM and other requirements. I have already prepared some of the assets in a polished way so that the start is also fun and, above all, you can see in which direction the quality is going. Also, I have to start now after I have a lot of work to do. More will be disclosed later

Additional Info: Open cooperation with a partnership contract that is supposed to secure our intellectual property if we should split and go our ways during the development. Where our common goals are also defined, which will then be transferred to the company in the event of a release.


The goal is to achieve something together. Therefore, hide-and-seek and habits of the same nature are out of place. If you are serious about getting away from where you are then this is a good opportunity to give it a try. My reason is that I have worked for others for many decades. I no longer want to sell my talent. A similar drive should also be your reason. If you are looking for a cozy project for in between, then this is the wrong one.

If you feel addressed, please send me a DM on discord: antigollos#6950

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